#1 tip for these 9 different countries

It seems you’re always getting suggestions from others if they have been to a city you are traveling to, some may be up your alley and others not so much. I picked some of my most popular destinations and instead of giving you a full list of tips I thought of the one thing that stood out and narrowed it down to 1 thing you must see, eat, or stay at while there!



Amsterdam, Netherlands- Vondelpark: Sprawling park where locals go to picnic during warm summer months- rent a bicycle and roam through the 120 acres.

Hong Kong, SAR- view the magical Hong Kong skyline and the epic Symphony of Lights show by taking an evening harbor cruise on a traditional Chinese Junk boat.

Tokyo, Japan-While some may say it’s completely a tourist spot, The Robot Restaurant was an unforgettable experience and I 100% recommend adding it to your itinerary. The cheesy pop culture, costumes, and lights will make you feel like you’re at an adults version of Disneyland.


Florence, Italy- Buca Mario established in 1886 is a white linen underground restaurant in Florence known for their bistecca alla florentina. This has probably been my best meal to date-be sure to book a reservation prior to going!

Lisbon, Portugal- Pasteis de Nata is a custard made up of primarily egg, butter, and sugar dusted with cinnamon. You will find this delightful treat all over Lisbon, but the best I tried were at Manteigaria located in the Time Out Market.

Madrid, Spain-located in the main plaza, Mercado de San Miguel offers fresh fish, cheeses, and fruit but a variety of tapas and wine as well so you can make an evening out of your visit.

Paris, France- Prescription Cocktail Club- Located in the 6th arrondissement is this quaint bar with a sultry vibe serving up some major craft cocktails.


Koh Samui, Thailand- Six Senses Luxury Resort is one of those dreamlike oasis’ you see only in pictures. Panoramic views of the ocean, personal staff, and villas with a private pool make this stay unparalleled to any you’ve ever had. With the USD converting very well to the Baht, you can stay for about $350 a night which you’ll find is a bargain when you experience the 5 star accommodations Six Senses offers to its guests.

 Santorini, Greece- Any Oia Cave House on the cliff offering breathtaking views of the sunset over the Aegean Sea. Narrow walkways from the Caldera will take you to one of these cozy studios nestled in the cliffside offering you a tranquil atmosphere to take in all the beauty of this Greek island. Airbnb has a ton of wonderful options!

Ashton Saldana