Creating A Humble Abode

My favorite sanctuary is my home and that’s truly because I have created a sacred space that exudes positivity, gratitude, and rejuvenation. Your home should be more than just living quarters you pass in and out of throughout your busy day, but rather a place you leave all the difficulties and demands of life at the door and walk into comfort, safety, and a spot known to promote joy.

|my 6 essentials to creating a resort-like residence|

SAGE or PALO SANTO- Absolutely, positively, without a doubt prior to moving into a new apartment or house you should sage to clear any former energies that currently are stagnant. You should also smudge your household regularly after new people enter your home or when the season changes.


DECLUTTER- Clutter, untidy papers, and overwhelmed shelves can cause anxiety and uneasiness; something you definitely don’t want in your living space. Everything should have a spot, if it doesn’t Marie Kondo that shit and get rid of it. 

PICK A SOOTHING COLOR TREND- I love grey & white with a singular pop of color. Find a color palette that makes you feel happy and relaxed- and hey, if that is black then go for it!


SIGNATURE SCENT- Due to your brain’s olfactory bulb, we have the capability to smell a scent which can trigger a vivid memory. Find a scent for your home that brings you peace so as soon as you walk through the door! For me, Aloha Orchid by Capri Blue and MerSea’s Saltaire have been my staple for years and never disappoint.

SPLURGE ON BEDDING- We sleep about 1/3 of our day so I make sure my sheets and towels are superior so after a long day I can sink into my cloud like bed and be engulfed in soft threads.



DIFFUSER AND SOUND MACHINE-Part of my nightly routine is blending a calming mix of Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils for my diffuser and turning on my homedics sound machine. It gets me to sleep quicker and allows me to sleep through any other disruptions that may be going on outside of my bedroom.

Ashton Saldana