When you feel like your life is completely falling apart, it’s worth considering that the universe is actually putting everything in place for you to live the life that aligns with your vision, your soul, and the path you were always destined to lead.

Amid all of the chaos, I reached within and found that fierce mighty woman whom, one would say, has already endured enough obstacles, and decided to take control of this one life she has and make it great. I am living as the person I've always wanted to be but didn't because I fell victim to societal pressures of living a "normal" life. 

I made a vow to the most important person in my life - myself. The vow was to never do anything I didn't want to, and to moreover, never let go of my belief in the person I am, the person I want to be, and the person I will be, to never fall back into a lackluster life where I am living for others.

I decided to continue to find myself through travel, writing, and now passing my experience on to those who are in comparable situations. My hope is that through my writing, I am not only able to grow, but to connect with and help others who are in a similar place in their life as I am in mine.