Self-Love Deficit? This Is For You!

I've sadly realized how many people need reminding that they are like precious gems; they radiate brilliance, are all uniquely different, and although flawed in some way or another, their beauty is unaffected and their value is not depreciated. Too often, we idolize “perfection” and try to simulate what our culture defines as beautiful.

Every scar, imperfection, or defeat has created the unique being you are today! Some of the most beautiful souls I have had the privilege of crossing paths with haven’t had the most ideal upbringing, perfect physical attributes, etc... but they do all have one very important thing in common, radical self-love. Someone who emits positivity and a captivating energy is an individual who has figured out in order to spread love, you must honor, treasure, and love yourself.

When I began my journey as a newly single lady on a path of self-discovery, my lovely friend took me to this unique shop tucked away in an alley of Oakland, CA. She brought me to HOMESTEAD APOTHOCARY Immediately as I entered the storefront, it was apparent the one major thing I had to adopt in order to start the process to begin my new life was I had to fall in love with myself. I bought a plethora of healing items, but there were specifically two to promote self-love. My first crystal, Rose Quartz, which fit perfectly in the palm of my hand as if it was made for me, and Self-Love Spray, by Pink Light Botanicals. I kept these in my purse and the mist served as a reminder of how worthy and valuable I am. I got super spritz happy, spraying everyone and everything, to pass along the healing and spiritual hug I felt every time I used it.

I had always been a fairly confident individual but my world changed drastically once I loved myself. I became best friends with the girl inside of me and reminded her every single day how amazing she was. I appreciated my quirky sense of humor, my wise beyond my years’ outlook, work ethic, straight white teeth, and even the cellulite on my thighs (well not appreciate, but accept). After reading Maya Angelou’s quote, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them,” I instantly made sure other’s reactions or how they treated me didn’t change the only thing that mattered, my love for myself.

So, I leave you here to start appreciating the unique, one of a kind specimen you are! Stop being controlled by the judgements you place on yourself and the ones others do too. Be the best version of yourself and constantly strive to do better, but allow not so idealistic situations to motivate and inspire you to create a life you dream about. Start each day with affirmations - we all need a daily reminder of how badass we really are! Your strengths and your flaws all add up to the exceptional individual that makes you, YOU! As soon as you start loving yourself, you’ll set the bar for what you find acceptable from other people. At the end of the day, remember you are your own best friend - you are the one person who never leaves your side, so you might as well love the hell out of that person! In case you didn’t tell yourself today: You are worthy. You are loved. You are enough.