Finding The Beauty In Adapting To Change

C H A N G E. Something most humans despise and try to resist as much as possible. Why? Moments of uncertainty and not being in control is something we find hard to deal with. I’ve been through many changes in the course of my life. Some, by choice and others completely out of my control. Looking back, one thing I have found is that the change has always ended up serving a purpose that I was unable to acknowledge at the time. I urge you to try to open yourself up to the discomfort of change rather than avoid it. Reminding yourself that every occurrence, good or bad, has some sort of growing opportunity for you to take advantage of. 

Losing my father was certainly not a change that I welcomed, but I did evolve and become a better person after having to undergo that change. My divorce was a huge change that allowed me to thrive and become a person I was proud of. Some changes happen without us even noticing, while others hugely impact us. My advice is to take the transition head on and see the good it has to potentially offer. On a less life altering note, I once was forced to change my work schedule completely. I went from working an early morning schedule to overnight shifts. Initially I was dreading the drastic new reality I was about to face, but I started to see what benefits this could have. I thought I was going to revert into my old teenage self and sleep in all day and then get ready for work but quite the contrary happened. I slept my normal 8 hours, woke up to tackle my errands, workout, and best part of all missed rush hour traffic. Although I went back to mornings it was a nice change from the ordinary day in and day out routine I was used to. As I mentioned before some changes are out of our control, so we might as well find whatever value we can in them. 

So, whether change comes to you in the way of a relationship status, new dwelling, or job opportunity allow yourself to grow and cultivate. Agnes De Mille said “living is a form of not being sure, not know what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little”. Ambiguity will always lead to anxiety if you let it but the moment you embrace unpredictability, you will see the shift in your outlook which will ultimately dictate your ability to handle the moments in life where we feel unstable, uncertain, or as if we are living in downright chaos. Before you start to fight any changes that may be occurring in your life, remind yourself growth and development come from change and if things never changed, you’re not really living; at least not to your full potential.