"I can't come out tonight...I'm charging my crystals"

For those who are avid gemstone lovers, you probably are already aware that they need a little extra TLC. For those who are just starting to curate your crystal collection, be mindful they are more than just pretty rocks to look at. Just as you would sharpen knives, update the operating system on your phone, or swap out your toothbrush your crystals need some extra maintenance to make sure they are working at their optimal levels. With this said, I don’t mind looking like the crazy lady who bathes with then sets my pet rocks out to indulge in a full moon ritual.

First off, your crystals should always be cleansed when you purchase them- think of all the energy they have absorbed previously. You want them to have a fresh start. After that, its entirely up to you how often you want to cleanse them. Some people do it prior to rituals, on a weekly basis, or when they seem a little sluggish. The following are ways to cleanse your crystals:

  • SMUDGING- (sage or palo santo stick)



  • LARGE QUARTZ CLUSTER- (this method is important for certain crystals that may be sensitive to water or sunlight. Clear quartz or citrine are ideal for this)

Next, it’s important to charge your crystals. This is very easy to do:



  • MOTHER EARTH (you simply place them on the ground or you can bury them)

Lastly, program your crystal. What are your intentions with this stone? Most crystals are known for their specific healing properties, but it’s important to imagine and visualize its support.

Ashton Saldana