Jim Valvano: You + Motivation = Success

I am not a sports fan, but I can certainly appreciate that over 25 years later Jim Valvano’s ESPY Awards Speech is still remembered by all those that heard it that evening in 1993. Jimmy V., N.C. State basketball coach impacts just as much with this speech, "Every Single Day, in Every Walk of Life, Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things”.

Too often I think we doubt our potential because we have adopted this belief we are just ordinary people. When we operate from a place of fear or comfort, we never will know what is truly possible for us. Well, if you have ever heard the success stories of most influential individuals, Tony Robbins, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Steve Jobs to name a few; each of them started with all odds against them. Although, one commonality was their belief and determination for greatness. At the first setback, a critic who puts us down, or obstacle that is experienced, people tend to give up. Jim says people must know that you + motivation = success. So I urge you to take the time to listen to this podcast episode and believe you hold the key to what is achievable.

Ashton Saldana