Book Review- The Obstacle Is The Way

I just finished "The Obstacle Is The Way" by Ryan Holiday. It resonates with me, because my goal through my writing is to open the readers eyes up to the beauty of adversity and the wonderful opportunities that stem from what we once felt was utter devastation. When Holiday talks about how people "turn shit into sugar all the time" and more often from way worse then what we currently are facing, it really puts thing into perspective. This book is about changing your relationship with the F word; Failure. While there are some points in the book that I don't totally agree with-I tend to err on the end of a positive attitude and Ryan Holiday encourages the reader to accept somewhat of a pessimistic mindset, the overall message is powerful and life changing. 

It’s a little unnatural, I know, to feel gratitude for things we never wanted to happen in the first place. But we know, at this point, the opportunities and benefits that lie within adversities. We know that in overcoming them, we emerge stronger, sharper, and empowered.
— Ryan Holiday
Ashton Saldana