How I Built This With Guy Raz: RXBAR Peter Rahal



In 2013, Peter Rahal was obsessed with CrossFit, but noticed it didn't sell any snacks to align with its pro-paleo philosophy. So instead of joining his family's business, Rahal Foods, he recruited his friend Jared Smith to start making their own protein bar. They made the first RXBAR in a Cuisinart in Peter's parents' home in suburban Chicago. By 2016, RXBAR was doing over $36 million in sales, and in November 2017, the founders sold the company to Kellogg's for $600 million.

I found this podcast inspirational and knew it would be beneficial for those that struggle with getting their ideas off the ground because they don't feel like they are smart enough, worthy, or have the means necessary to get started. Peter Rahal had to work his ass off to maintain a D average in school; 5 years later he sold his company for 600 million dollars.

When in doubt, remember "you will never be given a dream without being given the power to make it come true".