From Divorce to Discovery

"Sometimes you don't have to find the courage to break whatever bonds are holding you; the ropes simply loosen and fall from your ankles and wrists, and you stand up from the railroad track to which you'd been tied, reborn." -Charlotte Perkins Gilman. This quote rang so true to me. I knew I was in an unhappy marriage, but I didn't know when I would finally have the breakthrough to actually change it. Then, September 2016, without warning, my husband did all the hard work for me. He let me go. It was like finding a briefcase full of money at a moment in your life where bankruptcy was the only option left. I wasn't at all going to fight for the relationship or try to convince him otherwise. I wasn't going to listen to the voices of everyone else saying you made a vow and you don't break it when things get tough. I wasn't going to get caught up in the fearful thoughts of how I would make it financially. I listened to one voice and one voice alone, mine, who said “Run as far as you fucking can. This is your chance!”

Ashton Saldana