Why Girl's Trips Are Essential

Like Carrie Bradshaw said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”. My friendships have always been a substantial part of my life. They have served as a voice of reason, have made me closer to friends than family members at times, and are responsible for 99% of my laughter. As you get older, and the hustle and bustle of life takes over, it gets harder and harder to keep in constant contact with your girlfriends.

In the case of myself and my girlfriends, our time is prominently taken up by our careers, husbands, and babies. Plus, life choices have strewn us across the state and country. However, once a year, we collectively decide it doesn’t matter what we have to do to clear our pressing schedules, and we make time to spend a weekend together, just us. We’ve been taking these trips since we were seniors in high school, and now in our thirties, the tradition continues. I live for these trips because they revive my soul and bring me so much happiness and joy. The copious amounts of wine, reliving stories from the past, and forgetting that an outside world exists basically sums up our weekends together.

I always had contention with women who could not be away from their significant other. Or rather, were not able to shut the fuck up about them. It’s such a healthy part of life to break away and get some space. I fully support men indulging in “guy’s trips” as well. Day to day we morph into one person, and it’s necessary to disrupt that every now and then and remind yourself that you are an individual. This is not coming from a bitter divorcee, I have honestly always valued and appreciated time with my friends, as I find it's paramount to foster those relationships.

Some of my best moments have happened on these trips. Imagine a west coast version of Sex and the City. We all have a relatable character and no topics are off limits, quite frankly the more inappropriate the better! Clothes are always optional and poor life decisions are encouraged.

Even though our worlds are rapidly evolving, we make time for each other at least once a year. I am forever grateful for the friendships I have in my life. I cherish my girlfriends and would do anything for any one of them. They have been there for me in my brightest and darkest of moments. These girls are my family. My sisters. My soulmates.

Below are some suggested getaways with your girls!

La Serena Villas (www.laserenavillas.com) in Palm Springs, CA is a boho chic hotel & will provide the ambiance you are looking for. With only 18 guest rooms, you will be able to enjoy a very intimate atmosphere. This boutique hotel has a bar, restaurant, and even a spa. It is walking distance from Downtown Palm Springs in case you and your girls are in need of some retail therapy or dining out. Or opt for a house rented on Airbnb, where the scenery is lush. You can find these gems anywhere, from the mountains in Big Bear, CA to a secluded lake in Cape Cod, MA. Stock up on food & wine and keep it low key with sweats and no makeup. An alternative is to kick out the hubby and host your girls for a weekend at your place. We have done all of the above, and have had an equally great time at each location.

Regardless of where you all decide to go, and whether it’s for a week or a weekend, make sure to carve out time for your girlfriends and let your man do the same!

Ashton Saldana