The Next 80 Days...

With fall upon us, holidays are around the corner and before you know it this year will be coming to a conclusion. In no way shape or form does that mean to slow down and let your goals and aspirations fall to the wayside. This is the moment when you should accelerate and achieve what you were determined to do in the beginning of the year.

2018 has brought on radical change and has allowed me to discover and unleash my personal empowerment. Although I had tapped into my creative self over 18 months prior, I released my writings in mid April of this year and have been on a trajectory to help people ignite their soul’s calling ever since. 30+posts, 18 books read, 2 successful workshops, podcast appearances, and a self-published book of my own on its way I am proud of how this year has unfolded thus far.

I will be taking a short pause in posting every Friday and focusing on upcoming events, book signings, and projects that have intentions of massively growing Soulace Seeker so I can service more people who are also on a path to becoming their best self. In addition, I will be attending the Hay House Writer’s Workshop the first week of November and will be aggressively working on my next book, then jaunting off to Morocco for yet another opportunity to experience magic abroad.

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Ashton Saldanarecap