A Few Of My Favorite Things!

I typically don’t promote anything other than books or items that elevate you spiritually, but with the holiday season upon us I figured I’d share a few of my favorite things. I left out the products that I adore, but you probably already are a fan of such as the Oribe texture spray and Becca Cosmetics Highlighter in Champagne pop & decided to fill you in on some best kept secrets.

If you are like me and thought you left puberty behind many years ago but somehow at the most inconvenient time a zit pops up? Get Mario Bandescu drying lotion- I have been using this product for the past 10 years and have stayed loyal to this spot treatment simply because, it works! As soon as I feel a blemish coming on, I apply this mix of salicylic acid and calamine, and wake up to a noticeable difference.

My signature scent is Mohave Ghost by Byredo. Without fail, I get complimented daily on my perfume. Inspired by the word redolence, the designer Ben Gorham developed scents that would bring him back to specific memories. The scent is understated yet intriguing. Well worth the hefty price tag.

Nothing says Christmas more than the Thymes “Fraiser Fir” candle. It is such a fresh smell, loved by both sexes, and in my opinion the closest thing to having a real tree in the house. It’s so addictive, I tend to light it well past the holiday season.

Bondi Sands- One of those Instagram promoted items I got sucked into, but so glad I did. This self-tanner product ships from Australia and are the only ones I know that have mastered that awful sunless tanning scent. Their variety of foams, oils, and lotions smell of coconut and leave you with a beautiful bronzed glow even after the first application. Spend the extra $6 bucks and get the application mitt- you need it!

I am obsessed with “lil’ scrubbies”. These silicone face scrubbers are super-efficient, inexpensive, and easy to travel with.  I felt like I could never fully remove all my makeup until I started using these!

While staying in an Airbnb, my nightstand had this awesome USB table lamp! After a typical middle of the night insomnia bout, I jumped on Amazon and ordered one for my desk.

My little handheld steamer goes EVERYWHERE with me. As a frequent travel, wrinkled clothes are not cute but ironing is not appealing! This takes care of both issues!

Pure Beech 100% modal sheets are so incredibly soft. They are made completely from Beech Trees and feel like you’re laying on silk. The only place I have been able to find these is Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

During the winter months if I don’t have my nails painted in a burgundy hue, my other go to nail polish is OPI Funny Bunny (3 coats). It’s an opaque milky white, not stark.


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