Pursuing Your Passion & Purpose

I openly admit that I didn’t find my passion in life until I was on this earth for almost 3 decades. It was always uncomfortable when someone would ask me what my passion in life was… I had hobbies and interests, but none that shook me to my core and gave me the zest that something you're passionate about has the ability to do. One thing was for certain - I was living a half-experienced life. Days seemed to be on autopilot, carried out without any real intention, and most definitely without passion. When life is not unfolding to your liking, you have three options - you can continue to complain about your current circumstances, you can change your outlook, or you can change the situation all together. Even though changing your mindset is a huge leap in the right direction, having the courage to change the situation is momentous.

I realized that I had made the decision to completely change my situation, yet I was still just coasting. This is when I promised myself that moving forward I would be mindful and live with intention. I was no longer going to rise to the demands of others if they didn’t directly correlate with fulfillment in my life. It was okay to say no to events or commitments.  I cut the ropes of relationships, career paths, and things that made me feel trapped. Anything that didn’t align with the path I wanted to be on no longer had a place in my world. I was ready to be proud of the person I am and go after my ambitions. I no longer wanted to just conform, I wanted to pursue what lit me up and made me feel like I was living to my fullest potential.

After I sought clarity on where I was in my life and focused on growth, I was led towards my passion. I had a list of activities I enjoyed: painting, learning languages, interior design… In addition, I had a list of my strengths: leadership, exceptional administrative handling, and time management. Yet, none of these made me feel like I was pursuing my purpose. As soon as I put pen to paper and fiercely wrote the thoughts that were cluttering my mind, I felt a sense of relief. After sharing my writing with others, I was reminded that my words were raw and resonated with people. I was skilled with linking words together to create a beautiful description of what I had endured, while simultaneously encouraging individuals all over to continue to burgeon the life they have always wanted to live.

In this moment, I believe my passion was born. I always had an innate ability to draft up whimsical stories, but once I realized I could put my empath soul to work by simply placing my thoughts onto paper, I felt whole. I felt present. I felt I had a purpose. Finally.

This was not a passion of someone else’s that I tried to adopt as my own. The birth of my passion happened organically, not because there was some monetary reward awaiting me. I needed something that allowed me to keep my schedule flexible, to continue to take sporadic trips, and would contribute to my goal of living my best life.

I completely understand those who may find themselves on an aimless trajectory, at a crossroads between making a living or following their dreams, feeling like their current situation has kept them trapped from the ability to make changes toward the direction of a fulfilled life. In order to take a step closer to living your most authentic life doing what you love, you must first let go of fear. Be willing to undergo uncertainty and truly believe everything will fall into place. The universe will undoubtedly bring you an abundance of happiness and a valuable life if you are living out your passion. I have a hard time accepting we were placed on this earth to work and pay bills. I know there has to be a greater meaning, and it is your right to make sure you thrive and achieve greatness, because this will not only be instrumental to you, but to humanity as well.




Ashton Saldanapassion