Magnetic Energy

Coincidence, Serendipity, Kismet, Chance Encounter, Synchronicity? Have you ever met someone and instantly connected, like some sort of magnetic energy brought the two of you together? I love when this happens as it reminds me of the beauty of human interaction. It’s hard to conceptualize how or why this occurs, but I truly believe in a universal power that brings people together. I’ve been fortunate to experience this many times over, and each time, I have learned a great deal about others and myself, and I have come one step closer to understanding why we are here on planet earth. 

 Meeting people in this way is unlike your typical encounter, and usually not romantically linked. It is an indescribable feeling, but one that fills you with an inner warmth. When you meet someone of this capacity, also known as a “soul family member,” you feel like you have known them forever. This allows you to feel comfortable & safe, which typically leads to opening up quickly and deeply. 

Sometimes these connections are short lived but provide substantial meaning in our lives, and other times, these people linger longer. You may have just a brief run-in that brightens up your day or find a friend for life. Below are some magnetic moments I have shared with other individuals:

A lady who bumped into me spilling my coffee began to apologize profusely as her mind was somewhere else. She quickly went down the rabbit hole of how she’s been so flustered because she is moving and getting a divorce. I shared my business card with her, and she is now an avid reader of my work. She frequently updates me on her progress. 

At the nail shop, a girl my age sat in the chair next to me. She had about 5 polishes, all variations of what one might think are the same shade, but to me, a nail connoisseur, I could 100% understand the internal battle she was having between picking ballet slippers or bubble bath. I glanced over and offered my suggestion, and we started chatting. This superficial conversation starter led to something magical. We shared similar interests: she was savvy to many of the indie artists I listen to and her admiration of her father was something I could relate to all too well. I was about to leave when I had this gravitational pull and I knew I needed to stay connected with this girl. I said “Hey, I really like your vibe and would love to hang out sometime and have a wine night.” As awkward as the introvert in me thought that would come across, she was highly receptive, and has become a great friend in my life. 

A few months back I was at a baby shower, clearly not expecting to meet anyone who had the potential to elevate my business, when I started chatting with a lady who asked what I do. When I responded that I am a writer, she told me she had a good relationship with Jack Canfield. For those who don’t know, Jack is the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and is featured in the film The Secret for his focus on The Law of Attraction. This was the weekend prior to my first event, Manifestation Meet-Up.

I went to a Reiki healer who asked what I wanted to achieve from the session. I just wanted to seek some clarity before I jetted off to Lake Como for my writing sabbatical. I advised her I was starting my manuscript and eventually wanted to get published through Hay House, and she informed me she co-authored a book with Louise Hay… the founder of Hay House Publications. With such enthusiasm and certainty she said, “You will be a Hay House author.” 

While looking for a guest speaker on body confidence through google for my upcoming Self-Love Seminar, I connected with a woman who is also an empowerment coach, and had an almost paralleled upbringing and education experience to my own. After meeting for coffee to discuss our current project, she was drawn to my goals. I believe in the months to come we will be able to grow and expand Soulace Seeker by joining forces; this went way beyond what my initial intents were for reaching out to her.

I wasn’t sure if I was noticing these “meant to be” meetings happening more and more often because I was in tune with my consciousness, or since I was constantly thinking about writing and my business. Or, was it that seeking like-minded individuals was attracting these people to me? I began being extremely present in the moment, realizing these interactions were serving a purpose in my life. Taking the time to truly listen and connect with certain people offers an immense amount of intrinsic value. It is important to cultivate my relationships with these people, as they are influential to my growth. 

With all of this said, I know it’s difficult for some to grasp these situations as more than mere occurrences, but as the great Albert Einstein said, “coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I choose to believe that every experience and encounter happens for a reason. These people, for instance, all are crucial to playing a role in my journey and my path to finding solace for my soul.

Ashton Saldanavibes