Self-Love Seminar Update

For those that saw my Instagram post, “I don’t sell products. I create experiences and make memories”. I truly pour my heart and soul into creating these events and making sure the people who attend leave feeling equipped to go out and live their best life.

It was my honor to host 15 women on Saturday to reflect on Self-Love. We find ourselves in a society where we are so caught up doing things for others, that the person that needs the most attention is getting the least amount; and that’s yourself.

Once we begin to fully embrace and love ourselves, it is without a doubt all other areas of our lives will flourish and thrive. My intentions were to provide the participants with tools to develop a positive body image, be aware when our mind is acting as our enemy and not our friend, and to begin to live in the present moment so we can focus on our passions and start living out our legacy.

A huge thank you for all the people who attended and my lovely co-hosts who donated their time, wisdom, and energy!

Melanie Klein

Vytas Baskauskas

Giovanna Alfieri

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Shout out to Revice Denim & Ritual Elements who donated items to each attendee!