Manifestation Meet-Up!

Last May I led my first event, The Manifestation Meet-Up and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to host this workshop again! This event will help you understand how to apply The Law of Attraction and start receiving an unlimited abundance of what the universe has to offer! We will create the most powerful tool in attracting what you want in life; Vision Boards. This serves as a consistent reminder of your intentions, promotes positive thinking, and helps you feel empowered to manifest all of your dreams. 

The intimate group of those who signed up were a vibrant and vivacious bunch, allowing the event to radiate positivity, gratitude, and good vibes. It was my privilege to share my knowledge with these ladies to help them manifest the life of their dreams. Listening to them speak with passion about their goals was revitalizing and I know they all have the capability and deserve to attract every single thing they placed on their vision boards. 

A few success stories from our last Manifestation Meet-Up:

  • One woman was dedicated to finding her dream car. As instructed, she brought a photo of the exact car she wanted to put on her vision board. She had visualized everything from bluetooth to mileage. She kept believing and didn’t settle- 3 months after creating her vision board, she got her car!

  • Another recently got married and had hopes of getting pregnant. She set her intentions on expanding their family, continued to practice gratitude, and now they are happily expecting in May of 2019.

  • I printed out a huge UCLA photo for someone who wished to change career paths and go back to school. She worked hard and continued to believe in herself and her vision. I was so happy for her when she let me know her graduation ceremony is on June 28th, 2019.

Ashton Saldana