My Fail Proof Anti-Resolution

I am not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. We set forth these generalized goals and fail within the first thirty days. These goals typically aren’t unattainable, they are just poorly planned out or not aligned with what is of utmost importance to us. I decided to give up on the stressful task of claiming a resolution and opted for listing my goals for this year. Everything from tackling my book proposal to finally going white river rafting. In essence, I am creating a mental vision board of all the things I want and will attract this year rather than beat myself up for skipping the workout or eating that extra slice of pizza. My actions will lead me towards all the things I want to accomplish because my goals are congruent with what I value most. Quite frankly I don’t care if I missed a workout for a solid week straight, but I do care if I don’t finish a personal writing deadline or travel to a destination I told myself I would see before the year ends. Although the podcast below focuses on wealth building, the idea is interchangeable with all sorts of growth that we wish to obtain.

Ashton SaldanaNYE