Book Review- Dying to be Me

     Anita Moorjani’s book is a captivating story about how coming face to face with death became a chance to see a magnificent view on life. I related to Anita’s story because she underwent a constant struggle growing up, conforming to what her culture expected of her, and faced the possibility of never fulfilling her passions because of it. Although she succumbed to an arranged engagement, her internal desires overcame cultural traditions, and she decided to call off the wedding and follow her heart.

     After being debarred from her community, things started to look up for Anita when she met her future husband. Once again, she faced backlash from her peers for not feeling ready to have children. In true Anita form, she dismissed the pressure and did what she felt was right. Soon after she was diagnosed with Lymphoma and her uphill battle with cancer began.

     Fast forward and Anita describes her intimate experience with dying, known as a Near Death Experience or NDE. Her NDE enlightened her to the true meaning of life and the importance of being our authentic selves. Moorjani concludes her book by sharing the importance of honoring and discovering one's own path. As long as we’re who we were meant to be, we are making a positive contribution to the universe.

“As I look back on the trajectory of my life, it’s crysal clear that every step along my path-both before and after my NDE, both those events I saw as positive and those I perceived as negative-has ultimately been to my benefit and guided me to where I am today.
— Anita Moorjani

What I'm currently reading: "Love Warrior" by Glennon Doyle

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