Off The Grid

 In today’s world, we are constantly consumed with technology - never a moment without our smartphones, access to the latest news and headlines, and we’ve adopted long commutes and overwhelming workloads as our norm. It’s as if we are not living up to our expectations as a productive contribution to society if we don’t feel fatigued or burdened regularly.

As a naturally inclined recluse, I enjoy the moments where I can turn it all off. I had a week off of work and where I would typically try to cram in a European escapade or tropical vacation, I coordinated quite the contrary. On a domestic flight home from my Writer’s Workshop, I perused the airline provided travel magazine and stumbled upon what was, not only perfect for my upcoming days off, but necessary. 

Jon Staff and Pete Davis, both Harvard graduates founded a concept where we can literally put our phone in a lock box, surrender to the beauty of the outdoors, and have everything we need, and nothing we don’t. 

A quick scenic car ride from the city center of Boston, my partner and I found ourselves nestled in the woods of Epsom, New Hampshire. The auburn colored leaves and brisk temperature was only the beginning of what we would experience. As we arrived at our cabin and read the lovely notes and reminders to “un-plug”, we did just that. 

We snuggled into our intimate hideaway and opened a bottle of wine and conversed over some cured meats and cheeses. This atmosphere was a divine alternative to the overcrowded, overstimulated, and overworked Los Angeles we are accustomed to. More importantly, we got a moment to connect and immerse ourselves in each other and our conversation. 

Besides aligning us more as a couple, we were able to partake in really important activities such as cooking, reading, and writing- things that we sometimes ignore due to the demands of our digital era. 

 We woke in the morning to nature’s alarm clock, the bright sun and chirping birds. We cooked breakfast and enjoyed our morning cup of coffee instead of running out the door and being absorbed in responding to emails and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. 

 All in all, I am forever grateful for being able to take time away from daily demands, and frolic in the simplest of life’s treasures. Please, give yourself a moment to disconnect, find balance, and see the importance in life. I felt released in the confines that society has placed on us during this short stay, and plan to take more of these getaways in the future.

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