Traveling the world…in a single trip?

Travel goes beyond sightseeing and tourist attractions. When submerged in unfamiliar surroundings I experience a deepened connection with myself and an appreciation for life. When I have a strong desire to go somewhere, I seek out what will really fulfill me and plan accordingly. Rarely will you find me planning out a customary itinerary- I enjoy feeling like a local and not having to adhere to any set schedule.

Travel blogs are a great way to find inspiration on where to go next, discover hidden gastronomic gems, and learn of points of interest that really will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture.

João Santos and André Nogueira (Two by the World) from Portugal intrigued me because of our shared ideals on traveling. Similar to myself, they want to inspire others to travel more by sharing their experiences. Traveling more frequently can be easier than you may think.

The founders of Two by the World stated “ our passion for traveling and our desire to explore new places and cultures was always growing since we started traveling together. At the end of every trip we were always planning the next one and if no trip was on the horizon we would start to feel uneasy.” Like many others, they would fit in trips on weekends and take an annual bigger trip which extended longer than weekend jaunts. This satisfied their craving to explore while simultaneously growing their careers. With numerous destinations and exposure to different locales, “we began craving for a cultural shock on our travels which led to planning a trip to Japan in 2015. That trip marked 2 important milestones: the fulfillment of a dream and the confirmation that travel completes us in every level” says Santos & Nogueira. Since traveling was deeper than just checking destinations off of their list but rather soul satisfying experiences, this led them to think about how to obtain the unthinkable; traveling around the world in a single trip. They did tons of research and once they realized this can actually be done, they began taking the steps towards making this idea of theirs achievable.

In September 2019 they will embark on their round the world trip and you can travel alongside them through their blog, They are actively on social media and updating their website with content on tips, resources, and recent adventures! There is also a trip countdown sidebar on the homepage so you can see where João and André are off to next!!!

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Ashton Saldana