5 Relatively Untapped Travel Destinations

Traveling the world has given me the opportunity to see some of the most alluring places in the world, yet I haven’t even scratched the surface on all the beauty in this world.

Below are 5 destinations added to my bucket list- many of them people have never even heard of and some are easily accessed if you live in the United States.


When you think of Indonesia, Bali probably comes to mind but you can take a 30 minute ferry from the coast and see mind blowing views of limestone cliffs and white sand. Nusa Penida is still highly underdeveloped and has not yet become destroyed by tourists. You can do a day trip, but if you have the time there are a few accommodations on the island.


Havasupai Falls is tribal land located in the Grand Canyon. In order to view the aquamarine waterfall, you will have to plan ahead! Reservations go on sale in February and typically sell out immediately. Plus, there is a 10 mile hike to get to the campgrounds so it’s crucial you are prepared for your journey. Although planning is key, the sites will be 100% worth it! Even though this is a widely known spot, the tribe’s rules and regulations keep it in pristine condition.


Morocco has become a popular destination due to its beautiful architecture, vibrant textiles, and labyrinth souks. Take your trip on a whole other level by heading east from Marrakech into the Merzouga Desert and ride camels through the expansive dunes and sleep under the stars in the Sahara.


Raglan, New Zealand is home to the famous surf break at Manu Bay. It’s beautiful scenery of black sand and the low key beach town community filled with cafes, art, and culture will not leave you disappointed. There are plenty of outdoor adventures beyond the beach as well!


150 miles north of Mexico City is the picturesque small town, San Miguel De Allende. The cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and breathtaking views are just a few appealing elements of this city. A few days of enjoying gastronomical delights and relaxation is the perfect weekend getaway. The influx of tourists is rising, so go before it’s charm is compromised!

Ashton Saldana